Designs for Printed Materials, Digital Assets, Logos, Websites, Signage, Promotional Items, and More

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Promotional Items

Cups, pens, shirts, rulers… you name it, and we can put your business on it!

Business Cards

Classic, tangible, and can make an impression when done thoughtfully!

Logos & Branding

Branding Packages Starting at $299 or edits to your existing professionally-created logo at $45/hr

Signs, Banners, & Car Graphics

Indoor or outdoor, vinyl banners, billboards, temporary signs, directional signs, or permanent signage

Promote your business on the move with a properly sized (and legible) auto magnet or longer lasting vinyl


Digital or print, I will work with your advertising vendor to get the right look and right specs


Your website should be optimized to work for you not against you! Get a contemporary web design including search engine optimization (SEO) starting at $359

Print and Direct Mail

Calendars, Product Packaging, Booklets, Books, Brochures, Flyers, Postcards, Invitations, EDDM and List Mailers… whatever can be printed!


Let’s meet or call to talk about your business and what you need to achieve. (Logo? Ad?  Flyer? Direct mail?) From there, we will come up with a concept and your design will be back to you in no time.

I am happy to work with printers, websites, and advertising outlets to get your design from concept to completion. I call it “Design-to-Doorstep Service,” and it is available for almost every job. Just ask!

Absolutely! I have relationships with many local printers, online printers, and even printers in other states. With “Design-to-Doorstep” service, all you have to do is state your preferences and approve your design. I’ll work with your printer to ensure a quality product.

For many projects, you will receive your invoice after you approve your design (with a secure online credit card option!) Upon payment, you will receive a link to your files and/or your design will be sent to the appropriate printer or advertising channel.

For larger projects, such as websites, you will furnish 50% up front and the remainder when your project is finished.

A quick web search will reveal that experienced graphic designers can charge hundreds of dollars per hour. Agencies can cost even more. Just as a doctor, plumber, hair stylist, or other professional needs to be skilled in their profession, so does a graphic designer. You’re paying for the knowledge and service the designer offers.

However, I believe small businesses should be able to get agency quality (or better) without the agency price tag. So, even though I have over 15 years experience, I set my fee to be as fair as possible.

While every project is different, I will give you an estimate up front for you to decide if our partnership is right for you.

Sure, but know that you get what you pay for – whether in money or your time. It can be difficult to get aesthetic results, proper dimensions, and the types and sizes of files you need for use with professional printing and advertising. There are some good apps out there, but navigating them has a learning curve. If you like designing and have time to devote to your project, try it out.

If you decide you’d rather not, I’m happy to chat with you!

Because Genevieve Mellott Design is a small business, my revenue comes from designing. It is prudent that I invoice for the design time already invested. If, for example, you decide not the run the ad you had wanted, and the project is only one hour in, that’s all you’ll pay. Please let me know as soon as you change your mind.

Get the Ideas Flowing

I'd love to meet whether we partner on your project or not - your first consultation is always free!